• first classic Sweet Alhambra series decorated with diamonds and the Cadenas series

    Almost every Christmas Eve, each jewelry brand will come up with a full Christmas gift list, the layout of the most beautiful Christmas window, and even for Christmas special launch of the new design works. Whether it is bright gem, wonderful inspiration, or heart of the design, always become the most beautiful decoration of the festival, to create the most festive holiday atmosphere … …
    This Christmas, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels launched its own annual masterpiece – Diamond Breeze series of fine jewelry and watch. Diamond Breeze series to the sky of snow as the inspiration to white diamonds for the winter series of the only protagonist, showing the most pure in the winter bright and luxurious. From the classic Snowflake series of the 1940s, the À Cheval series, which was named after the “double-sided” mosaic process, and the first classic Sweet Alhambra series decorated with diamonds imitation Cartier love bracelet and the Cadenas series of fine jewelery with modern and avant-garde spirit Watch, that is the case, whether it is a grand senior jewelry and watches, or daily wear of the four clover grass, all decorated with diamonds. Diamonds, intertwined this winter Van Cleef & Arpels most funny music.

    Luxury high beads Snowflake series

    Snowflakes, snowflake series is the source of inspiration, the new Snowflake series of jewelry really like snow crystal pure crystal, but more bright. In the design, combined with hollow and symmetrical geometry of the elements, simple and bold, smooth lines. Diamond to the achievements of the attitude of snow, it is winter in the refreshing scenery.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake bracelet, platinum, white gold, round drill

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Bandeau Rings, Platinum, Round Drill

    Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Necklace, Platinum, White Gold, Round Diamond

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake trumpet pendant necklace, platinum, round drill

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Large Earrings, Platinum, White K Gold, Round Drill

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Double Flower Rings, Platinum, Round Diamond
    Pure and classic Sweet Alhambra series

    Colorful Sweet Alhambra Clover has been embellished today with diamonds. Whether it is fresh and simple single Clover necklace or bracelet, or swaying streamer multi-leaf clover long necklace, do not have some pure natural.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Collection
    Frontier Cadencas series

    Van Cleef & Arpels this winter diamond ceremony, did not forget to prepare for the friends of the avant-garde Replica Cartier jewelry, of course, the same diamond achievement. Inspired by the 1935 classic Cadenas watch style of the new Cadenas series of watches, now the most watched. Elegant reading of the slant dial, double-ring cylindrical hinge design bracelet to become the difference between this series. And this time for the special launch of the Cadenas watch, all decorated with diamonds, exquisite snow inlaid, exquisite princess square diamond mosaic, as the winter Cadenas watch the most beautiful partner.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels

    White gold, diamonds, mother of pearl, alligator strap, equipped with quartz movement

    Van Cleef & Arpels Vankea Cadmac

    White gold, diamonds, equipped with quartz movement

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels

    White gold, diamonds, alligator crocodile leather strap, equipped with quartz movement

    If your mind is only willing to use diamonds enough to express, then Van Cleef & Arpels of this dream full of festive gift orders have to impress you?
    With more than 160 years of history of the famous Swiss watch brand, “Made in Switzerland” is the heart of Tissot has not eroded the mark. Select special materials, equipped with advanced features, the use of exquisite design, the precise performance and stylish appearance clever fusion. And Tissot CERA series watches beautiful and beautiful watch, revealing the beauty of elegance. Today, watch home for everyone to bring Tissot CERA series of a watch, the official model: T908.309.96.057.00.

    Graceful of the United States and genuine gift Tissot CERA series of square case ladies watch

    Tissot T908.309.96.057.00
    This watch is a typical ladies watch, watch the overall slim and beautiful, luxurious and elegant. Watch the use of elegant and British square case, rose gold on the case of the use of black bezel case, black dial. Watch with black leather strap, strap slim, very suitable for women to wear. This watch water depth of 30 meters.

    Watch with a round crown, crown side of the teeth modified, easy to grasp the adjustment time; and in the top of the crown inlaid with a black gem, beautiful and distinguished.

    Watch strap for the black leather surface of the leather strap, cutting reasonable, bright color; strap edge to the black suture stitching, the middle of the hole, can be adjusted according to need.

    Watch case diameter of 26 mm, 5.7 mm thick, rose gold material to watch the more luxurious; case after polished polished, round and smooth case, the distribution of noble metal light.

    This watch uses a square case design, with black and rose gold with elegant fashion. Watch black www.ourlovestore.com dial students use the traditional three-pin instructions time to the rose gold and Arabic numerals as a time scale, dial design simple, clear and simple when reading. Watch with a closed bottom.

    Watch ear is not long, and the use of the case and the corresponding square design, the ear after polished polished, round and smooth; lug and case one cast, the two show a small angle, you can ensure that the wrist Table and wrist more fit.

    Black strap with a folding clasp link, the buckle has a press to open the device, opening and closing simple, easy to wear but not easy to fall off.

    Summary: This watch with black and rose gold with elegant fashion, revealing the elegant state of grace. Watch slim beautiful, worn in the female wrist and then fit. This watch is only a simple display of the time function, simple design, easy to read, very suitable for everyday simple and exquisite life.

  • Pina fly snow walking light, and a winter come Independent Swiss mechanical watch brand

    Zeppelin (Zeppelin) as Germany’s top watch brand in the watch, watch the action in the watch watch the attention of the table. With the launch of the Air Princess series and the Victorian women’s watch, Zeppelin once again played the most elegant elements of the airship art. Recently, Qi Bolin for the ladies presented a group of unique female table – the moon series.

    Qi Bo Lin Luna series of new watch 7369M-3, with eccentric moon phase imitation Cartier love bracelet and calendar small dial, highlight the perfect design of minimalism. And the moon phase function in the dial on the careful layout, located in the dial five-point position, especially eye-catching. Blue shell pattern dial like a canopy, five o’clock at the moon phase as if hanging in the air a silver moon, nine Swarovski crystal scale inlaid them, like the embellishment of the flashing stars, very poetic and romantic.

    Model 7631-1 watch diameter 35 mm, case thickness 9 mm, silver dial set off silver case, decorated with shell lines, with a white leather strap, between the expected use of materials and tones to achieve a perfect balance. Seven o’clock small seconds and two o’clock large window, in the foliage of the background, the overall dial layout just right, rational and modern coexistence, elegance and romance, elegant and extraordinary.

    Recently, Zeppelin (Zeppelin) China distributor Boribo De Group officially announced that Zeppelin (Zeppelin) month of God series of new products will be officially opened. Because of its appearance of the new upgrade and multi-style design, so that the watch for more wearing scenes, will allow high standards of consumers have more choices.

    Zeppelin (Zeppelin) airship represents the courage to challenge the spirit of Germany, but also represents the German manufacturing process of high standards. Zeppelin (Zeppelin) watch completely followed this historical heritage. Dare to break through, insist on quality is Zeppelin (Zeppelin) watch the long-lasting intrinsic core values. Today, Zeppelin (Zeppelin) watch is the current German local sales champion championship, about 150,000 a year. At the same time in the world 53 countries and regions and a large number of international routes for sale, such as Lufthansa, Air France, Austrian Airlines, South African Airways, British Airways, and Air China, in Europe and Japan have impressive sales.
    In this season filled with pine fragrance, Pina fly snow walking light, and a winter come. Independent Swiss mechanical watch brand Oris (Oris) portrait of the artist Zhen election versatile Oris Oris artists and moon phase calendar watch diamond watch men and women on the table, warmth Replica Cartier jewelry Christmas gift, when this year-end end of the year with a heart-warming occasion of Art Watch the winter festive atmosphere.

    Halloween artist multi-functional moon phase watch

    Product Code: 781 7703 4031, table diameter: 40.5mm
    ORIS 781 self-winding mechanical movement, moon phase profit and loss display, the central hour and minute display, small dials indicate the calendar, week and 24 hours second time zone
    • Stainless steel case, 30 meters waterproof
    • Sapphire mirror, inner anti-reflective coating
    • Silver twist-style decorative dial, pointer coated with Super-LumiNova luminous material
    • Blue leather strap with stainless steel folding buckle, or strip
    • Suggested retail price: steel band RMB17,400, belt section RMB 15,800
    Watch Comments: This versatile artists Oris moon phase watch classic Oris past used different colors such as white gold, pointer and scale are used sky blue and shades on the moon phase disc echoes. In addition to the moon phase display, the new moon phase watch is also versatile artists with a calendar, week and 24-hour second time zone subdial features suit the needs of business travelers time to control the height of the wearer. In addition to stainless steel models, this watch there are blue leather strap models, even more relaxed and elegant gentry temperament.
    Holey Artist Calendar Diamond Watch

    Product Code: 561 7687 4951, table diameter: 31mm
    • ORIS 561 self-winding mechanical movement, hour and minute display, 6-point calendar display
    • Stainless steel case, 50 meters waterproof, bezel set with 72 diamonds
    • Sapphire mirror, inner anti-reflective coating
    • Silver twist decorative dial, scale inlaid with 12 diamonds, pointer coated with SuperLumiNova luminous material
    • Black leather strap, or strip
    • Suggested retail price: steel band RMB 26,400, belt section 25,000
    Watch Comments: Oris diamond watch when artists go both accurate and unique appearance, it is presented to the art treasures Oris watch female wearer, designed for contemporary women cherish the success of traditional Swiss watchmaking value for us. Small and unique silver dial reflects the bright diamond www.ourlovestore.com light, tell the contemporary women’s intellectual elegance of the United States. This watch is not only suitable for wearing in business occasions, but also for leisure time to enjoy, is the female jewelry box an indispensable friend. Dial decorated with silver twisted pattern, 6 o’clock position of the calendar window display, the scale of a total of 12 diamonds inlaid, the details of the designer were carefully. In addition to the classic stainless steel watch, Oris artist calendar diamond watch also has black leather models, more suited to the rate of self-personality of women. This year, for the Christmas season when Howley carefully selected two works are low-key atmosphere of classic works, once again demonstrated the Oris “Real Watches for Real People” brand philosophy.
    Summary: These two watch beautifully crafted, excellent performance and reliable, generous table elegant, worn in the wrist must have a very out of color. Two watch white dial with blue strap, full of mysterious dream of the feeling, very magnificent.

  • Swatch Group has developed into a strong industrial holding company in the tabulation parts and components

    Today’s Swatch Group
    Swatch Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of finished watch, the Group has nine watch brands and multi-brand Tourbillon retail stores. Brand in addition to open up different levels of watch retail market, but also fully into the jewelry, movement and parts manufacturing and sales. Swatch Group not only for the watchmakers to provide all the parts needed to produce finished watches, and for the Swiss and the world’s third-party watchmakers supply movement and parts. In addition, the Group also specializes in the development of Cartier love bracelet replica nanometer machinery and nanoelectronics technology related to tabulation and other industries.
    Swatch Group name from the “Swatch” amazing success of the legend. In 1983, the first “Swatch” plastic watch available, the creative use of new materials and new design, impeccable quality, affordable, thereby reviving the Swiss watch industry, the watch re-defined as An interpretation of real life.
    Since its inception, Swatch Group has developed into a strong industrial holding company, in the tabulation parts and components in all areas have a solid foundation and production technology, as the basis, the group can expand the product line, provide all kinds of watches, from Simple quartz watch to the complex function of mechanical movement, and has been outstanding quality and artistic beauty combined as a guiding principle. From the first watch for children to collectors unique watch, from the emerging brand to have hundreds of years of history of the brand, from the classic elegant watches to the sports fashion watches, Swatch Group to provide the perfect quality Of the watch and meet everyone’s needs Cartier love ring replica and be proud of.
    Distinguished luxury brands: Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, and Omega; High-end brands: Longines, Rado and Union Glashütte; mid-brands: Tissot, Calvin Klein watches and clocks, Calmain, Certina ), Mido and Hamilton; the base brands: Swatch and Flik Flak.
    Now under the leadership of Group Chairman Nayla Hayek and CEO Nick Hayek, the Swatch Group is still investing heavily in research and development, steadily expanding its leadership in materials, process technology and product design and production. Swatch Group attaches particular importance to participation in microelectronics technology and microelectronics machinery R & D activities, especially in the field of communications research and development activities. The company has a long history, reputation, and pride in sports timing and measurement technology. Among the many international sporting events, many of the brands of the Swatch Group have become official timers, and have signed contracts for future cooperation, including the Cartier nail bracelet replica Olympic Games. In pursuit of more accurate timing measurements, the Swatch Group is continuing its commitment to innovative technology that allows athletes around the world to share the joy of technological improvements with sports fans.
    Swatch Group has realized that its own watch brand has a wealth of traditional heritage, the protection of watchmaking expertise and the importance of high-end watch application art decoration, it has been an important sponsor of the art industry, around the world for art Repair project investment funds. The Group has also set up a number of international watchmaking schools to set up an Applied Arts Center in Switzerland to ensure that the centuries of technology and expertise are not lost and continue to inherit the next generation.

  • Alexandre christie is the Swiss watch brand founded by the European modern boutique

    ELLE brand from the French fashion magazine ELLE PARIS. French is “she” means. The early 80s of last century, that is, the famous French elle fashion magazine was born 40 years later, the birth of the ELLE named clothing brand. As the magazine’s best-selling and extended to men and women clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, watches and decorative display of the birth and development. Today, ELLE has become a well-known fashion and watch brand.
    ELLE watch profile
    ELLE watch with durable, strong, accurate features, both technical and aesthetic. Unique seasonal trends, high-quality design, the high-end price, a variety of product selection, unlimited development space to meet the perfect demand for fashionable women.
    Leading popular elements, after half a century of effort, ELLE has become a famous imitation Cartier love bracelet fashion brand. ELLE is a women’s magazine focused on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, founded in 1945 in France, and in 1988, China, ELLE magazine published in 36 countries, with more than 20 million loyal readers. Through the accurate analysis of fashion trends, spread, choice, ELLE not only has the world’s fashion readers, but also in the product image to form a unique style.
    ELLE watch profile
    ELLE watches represent the modern, positive, cordial, trendy and full of life. In order to chase the trend of the trend, bring ELLE watch let us run with the time bar.
    Armani Armani is a world famous luxury brand, in 1975 by the fashion designer Giorgio Armani was founded in Milan, Italy. Armani’s business has spread over 100 countries. In addition to the high fashion Giorgio Armani, but also has a number of cards, such as clothing brand Emporio, women’s brand Mani, casual wear and jeans brand Armani Jeans and so on. ARMANI watches are also one of these cards.
    Armani watch
    ARMANI watch to the people who love the trend of “free fashion.” The pursuit of the appearance of personality and fashion leisure background. So that Armani watches not only in the fashion table shine, at the time of attending the occasion also lost the slightest sense of luxury.
    But Armani is a top clothing brand. In the watch market, his watch is not as good as the traditional watch brand. But it is not very bad, many are made in Switzerland. Its main or fashion table, if you really like Armani, or worth buying a collection of.
    Armani watch
    Armani watch the official website of the price is not high, the official website in China offer is only about 2000 to 5000 or so. Inherited the fashion table has always been cost-effective, strong and so on. Armani watches for the constant pursuit of fashionable young people, but also for 30 standing 70,80 after Oh!
    Alexandre christie is the Swiss watch brand, founded by the European modern boutique design master Alexandre Christie. Referred to as: AC, Chinese name: Alex Kerry.
    With the increasing number of leisure activities, people also choose to have this style of watch, then the Swiss brand Alexandre Christie came into being, and it also brought us a “high quality parity” choice, tell you: for a Only the watch should enjoy the brand, the quality of the ideas conveyed, and these do not need to spend a high price to get Replica Cartier jewelry, AC values also quickly changed the concept of many people’s consumption, no longer “good” and “expensive “Equate.
    At present in the country, AC has become the leading brand of many young people. And AC is willing to share their own ideas with the local watch enthusiasts: brand, Economy, Elegance, Fashion, all of which can be displayed from the AC watch.
    Alexandre christie Asian style design style highlights the urban men and women’s personal style, in the numerous social highlights of the personality of the self, as AC advocated “can be worn on any occasion watch, at any time to show the real style, AC table Be as good as you!
    Bernie Bernie is a domestic watch company. Established in 1997 and Shenzhen City, Shenzhen is one of the top ten watches. Bernie Industrial Co., Ltd. is a set of product development, manufacturing, sales as one of the professional timepieces product manufacturers, the company set up production plants and research institutions, has ISO9001: 2000 quality management system. Has a complete timepieces of product manufacturing system, specializing in the production of various types of timing products, including all kinds of quartz watches, mechanical watches, watch movement, radio clocks, professional sports chronograph, digital intelligent products, sports glasses. In all parts of the country have agents and distributors, has been the most creative watch brand in Shenzhen.
    Bernie Bernie watches

    Berny Bernie adhere to the domestic market, both the international market, the brand after 10 years of development, the Shenzhen watch industry in the fastest growing, one of the most promising backbone enterprises. “Bernie” brand in the country has a high visibility. In 2004 was named www.ourlovestore.com “the most influential brand in Shenzhen” in 2005 was named “Shenzhen 10 major fashion watch brand” in 2006 was named “the best performance leap”; 2007 was named “The most popular watch brand of the year”; in 2007, Bernie was “China’s watch industry enterprises overseas market development award”!
    Bernie Bernie watches

    In the development of domestic brands at the same time, Berny Bernie is also actively to OEM / ODM way to develop the international market. So far, the sales network has been around the world more than 30 countries and regions, and many foreign brands and watch manufacturers and vendors to establish a good partnership, product export rate of more than 60 percent, based on the success of Europe and the United States and other markets.

  • The spirit of innovation and excellence is always JUNGHANS all employees thinking and action guidelines

    Muehout-Glashuette is a German independent watch brand with more than 150 years of history. In 1869 the brand founder began to provide precision measurement equipment for the Glashütte watchmaking industry, and then expanded to provide the automotive industry with precision measuring instruments. In the long history of the development of the brand, with the German official cooperation never cut off.
    Glashütimo Muehle-Glashuette brand introduction
    As one of the world’s leading full range of watch 100% assembly of self-made movement of one of the senior mechanical watch brand, Glashütte (Glashütte Original) from the blood has a 165-year history of the German watchmaking industry Glashütte. After years of ups and downs, Glashütte (Glashütte Original) continuation of Germany’s long tradition of watchmaking, continue to write the legendary German watchmaking.
    Pure German original manufacturing, heritage watch the town of Glashütte traditional features. Movement to woodpecker neck fine-tuning technology patented equipment, and with the traditional characteristics of Glashütte – Moller 3/4 splint and Moller automatic Tuo movement imitation Cartier love bracelet improved, so that the movement has always maintained a high accuracy. Watch style for the rigorous, simple, practical, extreme, refused to fancy German mechanical aesthetics.
    It is understood that the brand is early to do the timer, had Maybach car supply timer, modern performance is also impressive, the German Navy custom table is from its. Pilots originated in Germany, Moller is also inherited a number of descent, if it is a soft spot for flying men, such as models M1-37-34-LB, M1-37-47-LB watches are a good choice The
    At present, Germany has about more than 20 watch factories can be marked on the dial GLASHUTTE I / SA words, this is actually GLASHUTTE IN SACHSEN logo, the Chinese translation is Saxon’s Glashütte, it is actually an industry association, or Local watch factory alliance, one of their functions is that Glashütte as a local cultural protection identifier to use the right to define, in order to maintain the local watchmaking tradition.
    Narrowly Glashütie Muller watch dial, you will find GLASHUTTE I / SA words, which also shows the brand has a pure German descent, excellent quality trustworthy.
    Rong Hanbao JUNGHANS watches and clocks brand was born in 1861 (formerly known as Rong Hans), by the Erhard JUNGHANS brothers in the southern German province of Schlannberg town founded. Today, 150 years of history, the history of the United States and Germany sold the first German, with Germany’s largest watch factory, is the 1972 Munich Olympic Games designated time table. At the same time Rong Han Bao is also a world leader in high-tech watches and clocks, watches and clocks to produce more than 3,000 patents.
    German watch JUNGHANS Rong Han Bao star brand introduction
    JUNGHANS watch factory was born in 1861 in Schlumberger, after the rapid growth of the German watch industry, a successful example. Although the demand for watches and clocks in the ever-changing, but JUNGHANS business philosophy has not changed.
    The spirit of innovation and excellence is always JUNGHANS all employees thinking and action guidelines. Schramberg’s Steim business owners family vitality will make the company a new glory.
    From the JUNGHANS name engraved on each of the watches can be seen and feel the origin of Replica Cartier jewelry Schlumberger business philosophy.
    No matter how rich the JUNGHANS series of products, it is always the pursuit of the classic watchmaking technology and innovative watch technology and a unique combination of innovative design concepts. This makes the watch with a star exceptionally different, we can proudly say that JUNGHANS is an example of the German watch!
    Heinrich Moser was born in 1805 in a watchmaking family in the town of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. In 1827 he moved to St. Petersburg, where he began his watchmaking career. Was almost unpredictable, he will soon become a leader in the watch industry. As with today, the name of H. Moser & Cie. Is synonymous with high quality and craftsmanship.
    Heinrich Moser watch brand profile
    As an ambitious, visionary watchmaker, Heinrich Moser decided to create a company in a distant Russia. At that time the tsar Russia was considered a huge market and a perfect watch trading base. In order to meet this challenge, Heinrich Moser used his spare time to create a variety of watches and tools to help push their own business. When he left Switzerland in November 1827, he only had cash equivalent to about 2,000 Swiss francs today. In such a simple start conditions, a pioneering spirit of innovation and talent of the production process in H. Moser & Cie. Deeply rooted.
    Heinrich Moser’s unremitting demands on quality are finally successful. In just a few years, he opened new stores in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Kiev, and in the Russian Empire and the Silk Road in Central Asia, Persia and China Along the line has a large number of independent retailers, worn watch craftsmanship superb, excellent quality excellence. His supplier also includes the royal family and the Russian army. From this period of historic watch with a beautiful sculpture, the brand is a strong proof of the historical heritage. 15 years after the company was founded, Heinrich Moser became the undisputed market leader in the Russian watch industry. At the end of 1848, he served as a wealthy watchmaker and entrepreneur to his hometown of Schaffhausen.
    Heinrich Moser returned to Switzerland in addition to continue to engage in the watch industry, he seems to never dry up www.ourlovestore.com the pioneering and innovative energy and let him start in other areas of exploration. With this pioneering spirit, he began to invest in water companies, trucks, regional railways, of course, the Swiss watch industry, his initiative will always be the lack of vitality of the town of Schaffhausen into a vibrant industrial land The Today filed with Heinrich Moser, people may think of him in the vicinity of Schaffhausen for the family built Charlottenfels manor. Now this manor as the “Mu Shi family museum” to the public open.
    Today, bearing the “H. Moser & Cie.” In the name of the watch sales network around the world, its vendors are carefully selected and authorized by the official.

  • If we want to choose a larger diameter of the watch we have to seriously consider what time

    For round cases, the size of the watch is indicated by diameter (usually the size without the crown). For square or barrel-shaped watch, give the width and length. The size of the unit is usually in millimeters (mm).
    The typical male male watch size is 38mm and 40mm. With the popularity of large tables in recent years, the size of 40mm or more also, such as 42mm, 43mm, the largest to 47mm.
    The typical size of the domestic female watch is 28mm. Women in recent years with a large fashion watch more fashionable, 38mm size of the table is very popular.
    The important attribute of the watch is as a modern human jewelry. But in terms of consumption, can be divided into genuine table, sports and leisure watches and special watches. The first two categories can also be broken down into a dress table, business table, sports table, leisure table. After the breakdown, it is more clear that the dress table to buy the right, Ning small not big. While the other table is the opposite, that is, rather small.
    If we want to choose a larger diameter of the watch, we have to seriously Cartier love bracelet replica consider what time, I believe you will make a decision after their own satisfaction.
    (1) the pointer is seriously unbalanced, focusing on the one hand will affect the transport performance.
    (2) is not all big watches are used big movement, often useful small movement in the top plus the model plate to change the table, increase the moon phase, 12/24 hours, belong to the small horses carts, increase The drive load, easily lead to a variety of failures. A little big quartz fashion watch, the movement is very small.
    (3) with poor shock performance characteristics, but by the impact of shock, the movement is more prone to problems.
    (4) large table of the table to take the sharp, but also relatively large, with the time the wrist will feel very suited to.
    (5) watch because of a large and heavy, carrying a fall wrist, wearing a long time will make people feel tired of the wrist. A 44mm diameter metal watch watch, the weight difference of almost 150 grams
    (6) prone to bump, because the appearance of the pieces are more special, once incomplete damage, it is difficult to find accessories.
    (7) because of big watches have a selling point, so the price is more kind.
    (8) a little shaped arched watch, waterproof tightly closed performance are relatively poor, easy to water. In fact, when we choose the table, we according to their own preferences to choose the size of their favorite watch. But the table worn on the wrist from their own, comfortable and uncomfortable, only know yourself. Because of this, I think wearing a large diameter of the watch, but also should be based on their own age, gender, tall and thin, wrist thickness, office nature, survival habits and other factors to think about the problem, especially the older people do not adapt Wearing a large watch.
    Watch the thickness of the table to the bottom of the table to the vertical distance, including the table mirror thickness. Usually in millimeters (mm) as a unit.
    Watch thickness
    The thickness of the mechanical watch is usually thicker than the quartz watch, chronograph table Cartier love ring replica thickness than the normal table to thicker. Mechanical movement to do the thinner, the higher the requirements on the process.
    Ultra-thin manual winding movement:
    All along, Vacheron Constantin has always concentrated in the field of professional watchmaking to create a milestone, such as the brand in the 1950s and 60s launched the world’s thinnest watch. Today, the Swiss watchmakers want to challenge the thinnest watch again, the ultra-thin movement of the essence of the show is presented in front of the world. Watch thickness
    The latest two Vacheron Constantin ultra-thin table
    In 2010, Vacheron Constantin “Historiques” historical masterpiece series to add new members, two watch inspired by the brand as early as the fifties and sixties works, with contemporary charm reshape the essence of the original work – was a sensational two Ultra-thin movement:
    Historic 1955 ultra-thin watch: configuration 1003 models manual winding mechanical movement, which movement is by far the world’s thinnest movement, the thickness of only 1.64 mm, cast a mark in Geneva, and 18K gold style re-interpretation.
    Historique 1968 ultra-thin watch: configuration 1120 models automatically winding mechanical movement, built a new decorative pattern of thallium, and cast a mark in Geneva.
    Jaeger-LeCoultre has the history of manufacturing ultra-thin movement – including the 1903 production of only 1.38 mm thick the world’s thinnest pocket watch movement. While the contemporary model is the Master Control series Cal.849 movement – although slightly thicker than the former, but still only the district 1.85 mm thickness. Watch thickness
    Jaeger-LeCoultre manual cal.849 movement watch
    The most thin hollow automatic winding movement:
    Up to the production of the top watch for the goal, Piaget senior watch factory Altiplano hollow Cartier nail bracelet replica ultra-thin watch available, once again the achievements of the two world records, and limit the specifications to a new level: the world’s most slim automatic winding hollow watch (5.34 Mm), equipped with the world’s most slim self-winding hollow movement 1208P (2.35 mm).

    Earl Altiplano Hollow Watch G0A37132 watch
    The thinnest manual winding watch:

    At present the world’s thinnest hand chain mechanical watch
    Brand to make this legendary movement back and forth, after optimization design, to a 19551 model of 4961 models for the blueprint, to create such a 4.1 mm case, the world’s thinnest hand chain machinery Watch.

  • No matter what a watch even if it has a waterproof function impulsive you do not still in the water

    Watch the market basically every watch is now labeled with waterproof labels, ranging from 50 meters, as many as 100 meters. So for our ordinary watch enthusiasts, this watch waterproof function should be how to understand it? Is not all the watches have a good waterproof function? In fact, the watch for their own waterproof function has a special meaning, today Xiaobian to take everyone to learn about the waterproof function of the watch common sense.
    Watch waterproof principle
    There are several factors that make a watch waterproof. The most important is the gasket, or O-ring, which is made of rubber, nylon or Teflon. In the crystal glass, the bottom cover and the crown and the junction between the case to form a waterproof seal. If it is a chronograph, its pusher will also have a gasket. In addition, the waterproof case is lined with a sealing layer (coated with a rapidly hardened liquid) to prevent seepage. The thickness and material of the case determine whether a table can be worn imitation Cartier love bracelet safely underwater and therefore an important factor. Threaded top cover to replace press-in bottom cover also helps to waterproof. Many diving tables are threaded to prevent water from penetrating through the rotary hole. The crown is tightened to form a waterproof seal, just like the seal between the jar and the threaded cap.
    Waterproof performance level
    The table with the lowest water level only indicates “water”, which can withstand water splash, but not submerged in water. The higher level, the most common is marked as waterproof 50 meters deep, which indicates that this table is suitable for swimming; then a high level of water for 100 meters deep, indicating that the table is suitable for use in the use of ventilated snorkel; , Suitable for use diving respirator leisure diving; further for the incredible 1000 meters deep. Peter Purtschert, director of technology at Breitling in the United States, points out that the final table can be used for deepwater diving, and the gasket is made of a material that is capable of supporting helium in the decompression chamber of the diver. Some tables are equipped with valves that can be used by the wearer to release the helium into the table so that the watch does not explode when the watch and the diver are adjusted to normal atmospheric pressure. The water depth in meters is only a theoretical value. Water depth refers to the depth of water when both the table and the water are completely at rest. This resting condition does not exist in the real world of swimmers or divers. In real life, wearing a watch arm in the water movement will greatly increase the water pressure on the table, so it can not wear the theoretical depth indicated by the laboratory test machine. Water resistance is not permanent and depends on several factors, some of which are affected by wear or time. The gasket may be corroded or deformed, the case may be damaged, or the crystal glass may be released or broken. So the watch with your car and teeth, the need for preventive maintenance and maintenance.
    Waterproof function test
    There are basically two ways to test water repellency, known as the “dry” method and the “wet” method. In the dry process, the air pressure on the watch, and measure whether the case due to leakage into the air and expansion. If inflated, it indicates that the table is not waterproof. In a “wet” method, first put the air pressure on the watch, and then immersed in water watch. If the watch emits bubbles in the water, it indicates that the air has penetrated the table before it is immersed in the water, so the table is not waterproof. Another “wet” method is to put the watch into a small room filled with water, and then use the piston pressure. If the water into the table, that is not waterproof table.
    Summary: No matter what a watch, even if it has a waterproof function, impulsive you do not still in the water, or as white as that to verify, because it will obviously cause damage to the watch. In fact, in normal life, the watch’s waterproof design fully meet our daily situation, so you do not have to worry too much. If you have to be true, then you can study a professional diving table.
    A mechanical watch is a watch that is kept together by a lot of fine precision mechanical Replica Cartier jewelry parts, which has a very high requirement for the operation of all internal parts. Many friends said that in the early stages of mechanical watches need to pay attention to the use of habits, because the mechanical watch run-in period, run-in period is very important. Xiaobian today for everyone to explain in detail the use of mechanical watches in the initial use of the problem.
    Many people will think that the new table go faster, wear a period of time after the run-in period will be more and more accurate, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Watch is not a car, is a precision machinery, any parts are not allowed to appear burr, so do not need to run. Resulting in a new watch to wear a period of time after the change in time is accurate because the wearer has formed a wear habits, the objective to produce a more stable wear environment, the gesture of the error in different bearing the positive and negative offset to the wearer to bring more and more Quasi-feel it.
    Mechanical watch use precautions
    Then the new purchase of a mechanical watch should pay attention to what? To really talk about the precautions, you buy a beloved mechanical watch, just wear attention in the daily wear on it. At the beginning of wearing a mechanical watch, the first manual on the winding, on about 30, and then put on it! Mechanical watch is driven by mechanical gear and winding and rotation, rotation will inevitably produce friction, so the course of time must be fueled, lubricated to reduce parts wear rate. Otherwise wait until the www.ourlovestore.com trouble to repair, often the problem has been very serious. Mechanical watches are best to go back to her parents every year, check to see if the use of improper or water situation. Especially the local climate hot and humid, sweat, rain and dirty air and other long accumulated, caused by chronic erosion of machinery, the frequency and degree of damage than Europe and the United States, Japan is much higher, so “regular inspection” is very important; and then every three years Need a thorough cleaning, maintenance.
    Summary: mechanical watch is a sophisticated metal equipment, and some even more accurate than the medical tools, so do not worry about the use of watches in the run-in period, in fact, run-in period is not there. The only thing we need to pay attention to is the rational use of mechanical watches, this is the movement, the best quality assurance.

  • The domestic mechanical watch movement can only achieve the timing function in the complex running seconds function

    What is fine imitation watches? Fine imitation watches that some small watch manufacturers rely on imitation and innovation at a very low cost to imitate the mainstream watch brand product appearance or function (like the variety show star imitation show), and to be innovative , And ultimately in the appearance, function, price and other aspects of a comprehensive beyond the product watch.
    How to distinguish fine imitation watches
    Identify the advantages and disadvantages of the imitation of the main four major characteristics, the mold is not the proportion of the original table to do, and the ratio of the original table is 1.1: 1, the shape should be wider than the original table. In the multi-function mechanical watch on the ordinary high imitation imitation Cartier love bracelet table due to the installation of a simple domestic movement, so do not run seconds and other complex functions, it is easy to distinguish between the appearance of polishing on the ordinary imitation table can be done, but in some subtle It will be slightly discounted, the most important in the watch movement, non-professionals if you can watch the movement can be seen that the normal movement of domestic color dim, the real identification of the origin and model need to professional maintenance location.

    The domestic mechanical watch movement can only achieve the timing function, in the complex running seconds function domestic movement has not been able to do, high-quality imitation table will choose to install the Swiss mechanical movement, as the Swiss watch manufacturers have their own manufacturing movement Of the unique process, the production of the movement are only for personal use and limited, the outside world is not ordered to these movements and do imitation table, so the high-end imitation table will be installed in the Swiss ETA factory produced classic models, ETA is Switzerland With the strength of the mechanical watch movement finished and semi-finished products manufacturers, Rolex and Omega and many other companies are using ETA semi-finished movement of carved process improvement, as long as the imitation table can be used to create the Swiss ETA mechanical movement, from the essence And the original movement is the same.

    Today’s fine imitation table has been a large number of domestic imitation ETA movement, and the movement quality is very good, in terms of accuracy are good performance, and the difference between the ETA movement in the durability. Common is imitation ETA 2824 2836 and 2892, of which 2836 used in the imitation of the Rolex. Which is worth mentioning is the seagull imitation 2892 movement, from the polished to the appearance of a very like really ETA2892, this movement is used in the Romance, the online price of 1000 to 2500 are used in this movement.

    With the timing function of the table is used in Shanghai table factory and Dandong watch factory imitation ETA7750 movement, the price generally ranging from 1500 to 3,000 yuan, Fiyta’s aviation series watches and Rossini’s timing watches are used Shanghai out of the 7750 ,. Manual table on the use of multi-purpose Replica Cartier jewelry table factory in Hangzhou and seagull imitation ETA6497 movement, and more used in imitation Peizhou and other watches, the accuracy does not lose the Panate sea ETA movement. The last is tourbillon, the current fine imitation of the tourbillon and more use of Dandong and Beijing out, carrying this Tourbillon imitation table prices in the range of 3,000 to 6,000 yuan, in fact, the current domestic Tourbillon should be the best Seagull table, but the price is so high there is no imitation table manufacturers.
    Love table people want to have a high-end watch brand watches, but are worried about buying fakes. The real high-level watch never give the buyer any regrets, from the appearance to the movement of every place are delicate to make people moving. The following watch home to give you talk about how to identify high-end watch brand true and false.
    High-end watch brand how to distinguish between true and false
    1, look at the table glass
    General watch is made of sapphire crystal table mirror, the easiest way to distinguish is to tap the glass surface with your fingers, the real sapphire crystal will be issued a crisp sound; or drops of water to the glass, the real thing will keep the water Condense without dispersing.
    2, see the number number logo
    Carefully look at the bottom of the table covered with all the figures and the logo, false watch is usually no law, and even the true number of bits are not corresponding. True table is each independent number.
    3, look at the strap
    High-grade watch belt using a high-quality crocodile skin, hand-sewn, regardless of material technology are superior.
    4, see the back cover label
    Depends on the table at the end of the factory label, usually on the table will have a brand logo logo, and watch the number of signs. Some watch the bottom of the label will have laser laser security.
    5, look at the movement
    First of all, to the real table used by the movement model and mind logo is very familiar with, if the case of a transparent table at the end of the false table, you can identify the authenticity of one. Second, we must carefully observe the words of the movement, the true movement of the word carving clear and beautiful, false table is rough, no beauty. Finally, to understand the performance of the movement, such as the way the chain (manual or automatic, one-way or two-way), the heart when the mood and so on.
    6, look subtle appearance
    First of all, to carefully observe the appearance of the watch, including the appearance of the polished: see the watch grinding method is delicate, watch the polished very particular about, and the process of counterfeiting table far from. Font: true form of the font full, false watch is a lack of self-confidence. Function: most of the false form will work hard in the function, which is to see through the false watch break. Many of the functions of the false table are furnishings (such as moon phase, calendar, tourbillon, etc.) does not www.ourlovestore.com actually have this function. Pointer: authentic pointer can be distinguished from length, thickness, shape, and material and fake. For example, the senior watch often use the “blue steel pointer”, the true table of the pointer color is full of faint blue, the complex process from the firing, false blue is the brush up. Disk: the watch has its own unique technology, such as Rolex’s computer disk, Kadia’s pure gold-plated silver carved flowers, the use of high-end watch, Disk and so on. Diamond and Mosaic Technology: see the mosaic process, the quality and size of diamonds.
    7, look at the table box and certificate
    Table box work also reflects the value of the watch, senior watch box box is very elegant, the certificate will be printed on the watch model and unique production serial number, we call it “birth paper”. Some certificates will have pinhole drilling technology to watch the number hit the certificate, to prevent counterfeiting.

  • Watch diameter or dial is relatively small is not suitable for the elderly Male watch the diameter of the best

    Watch is one of the indispensable tools in life today. In the young people are concerned about the major brand watches at the same time, the elderly people are also concerned about. But for the elderly the meaning of the watch is not the same, the love of watches also express their time to cherish. The following watch home to talk about the elderly for the watch to wear it!

    General watches are decorated and timed two functions, watch the brand, type, style, therefore, combined with the characteristics of the elderly, in the choice of time there is some stress. For example, quartz hand walking high precision, you can take less time to take care of it, including no need imitation Cartier love bracelet to chord and very little needle adjustment, which is very convenient for the elderly, but also loved by the elderly. However, among the many tables, not all tables are suitable for the elderly, such as electronic watches.

    Automatic watch is a young man like a watch, but not for the elderly, the elderly is best not to wear automatic watches, which because the elderly usually small amount of activity, if you wear an automatic watch will cause a regular stop table, Or when walking is not accurate, more importantly, the elderly will not often go to the watch strings, so the automatic watch is not suitable for the elderly. Complex watches are not suitable for the elderly. Because the dial above the pointer is more, or more buttons on the case, these complex functions and buttons on the elderly are not used, coupled with the elderly thinking and action is slow, and complex function watches are more trouble in operation, especially Quartz figures show type, even the average young people are difficult to understand or understand their use, the elderly is bitter!

    Watch diameter or dial is relatively small is not suitable for the elderly. Male watch the diameter of the best in 35 mm or more, female table should also be more than 25 mm is better, in addition, dial and pointer to contrast, such as silver or gold dial, the needle is a deep color needle, or black dial, With gold or silver pointer, so with the obvious and easy to observe the elderly, the elderly visual acuity worse than the average young, so the watch dial must be intuitive. Fashion brand watches are not suitable for the elderly, those fancy trendy style or youth family wearing a table, or some naive cartoon shape are not suitable for older people.

    Watch strap easy to open and close the table for the elderly to wear. Belt table is best to use the kind of butterfly buckle, and some older people hands and feet are not falling, there are more convenient configuration of these elderly people, and some watches in the bolt when the buckle, alone, one hand operation, Pay attention to the table to fall on the ground, this and the strap structure (form) related to the butterfly buckle can watch together with the watch into a ring, wear more convenient, but also for the elderly to wear Replica Cartier jewelry . Watches do not be too thick and too heavy, it is best large and thin, thick ceramic or tungsten steel case strap are not suitable for the elderly to wear. The elderly will not pay attention to the watch brand, but will be nostalgic, so the more traditional style will be more suitable for the elderly, the elderly memory is not good, too expensive watches do not take. Select the function of simple models of the watch, as long as the use and adjustment on the like, sometimes, minutes, seconds is enough, in fact, the two needle is also OK, even the calendar, the calendar can not, the elderly eyes are not good, watch Of the calendar function is basically invisible, and with calendar function of the watch, to the end of the month when the need to correct the date, this for the elderly, it is also a “difficult” task.

    The domestic watch market prices are too high, so many love table friends have chosen sea table. How to correct the sea Amoy watch it? The following watch home for you to offer your watch sea Amoy Raiders.

    Watches in the United States between the difference is great. And the more expensive the table the greater the difference, the difference in the case of the so-called difference between the difference of 2/3 have found that the sea table watches nothing more than a few factors, mail security and warranty, price and quality. The performance of expensive prices is becoming more and more unreasonable because of the gradual tightening of customs, the risk of high tariffs and theft. But still have bold friends mixed or take the tax channel to transport thousands of knives table. Cheap table also do not care that 1-200 tax.

    The most well known is the Amazon or ASHFORD. ASHFORD today to give you an example!

    ASHFORD is one of the largest luxury watch sellers in the United States, with low discounts and branding, Taobao is a lot of overseas purchasing watches, and even some B2C mall watches are basically from this site. ASHFORD was founded in 1866, ASHFORD began in 1997, is one of the largest online watch and jewelery vendors in the United States. There are 3,000 high-end watches in the store, the price is lower than the retail price, and often launched promotions. Owned Movado, Ebel, Bulova, Cartier, Gucci and other 40 brands, the sale of goods are authentic, in the United States Business Bureau (BBB) rating to A +. And ASHFORD has a Chinese official website for everyone to view the goods. ASHFORD support international orders, but the price of its international orders is also a lot of money, so the sea Amoy ASHFORD we still use the transfer is better.

    ASHFORD reason why such a low price, because they are large quantities of brand manufacturers into www.ourlovestore.com the inventory table, will have such a high discount, some of the table even more than the price of Saudi Arabia, Dubai are cheap. So to buy a new friend or go to the counter or Hong Kong purchasing, it is nothing new table, especially the big brands. Are the old stock, of course, there are hidden dangers exist, it is a long time, the mechanical watch the oil will dry up, the inventory table need oil on the maintenance (mechanical watch is the best maintenance is to check every few years). According to experts, although the mechanical watch without a battery, but some simple maintenance is still very necessary, which to extend the life of the watch and maintain a good movement state is very helpful. If you wear every day, the best way to maintain every two weeks is a tight spring, to ensure that its gear normal smooth operation. Gently turn the crown until you can feel a little urgent. If you do not wear a watch every day, you should also ensure that every two weeks at least once again to ensure that the watch continues to run, that is, to ensure the normal operation of internal mechanical devices.

    Mail security, now nothing more than a few options, human flesh, direct mail HK, direct mail China (high tax), direct mail US transit, these methods to see their own convenience.

    Warranty: to see some of the brand is a maintenance card can UNPROFOR, and some do not have to mail back to repair friends.

  • Automatic winding movement of the watch the energy from the wearer’s arm movement

    Watch how to do water?      Method one: do not care inside the case of water, and can be used as a silicone material called granules and water has been put together into a closed container, a few hours later, remove the watch, the water that all disappeared. This method is simple and economical, the accuracy and life of the table without any damage. Silica gel has been repeatedly water can be dried at 120 ℃ for several hours, water absorption capacity can be recycled, but also repeated use.      Method 2: If the water is not serious, but the table glass with layer of mist, then you can use several layers of toilet paper or easy to absorb moisture flannel table will be strict, in the 40-watt light bulb 15 cm bake about 30 minutes, you can Eliminate water vapor. Should avoid the table directly close to the fire directly baking, so as not to make the table heat deformation. But also the table in Mongolia, the bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be eliminated. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately send the table shop oil, remove the movement of water, in order to avoid rusting parts.      Method three: the table in Mongolia, the bottom shell outward, anti-wear on the wrist, two hours after the water vapor can be eliminated. If the water is serious, it is best to immediately send the table shop oil, remove the movement of water, in order to avoid rusting parts.Special note is that if the electronic watch water, and should be promptly removed electrons. Whether it is mechanical watch or electronic form, if the water is serious, should be timely repair.Plum mechanical watch to stop do not go how to do? Plum mechanical watch bump, movement gear dislocation, the watch by the magnetic situation will appear do not move, mechanical watch imitation Cartier love bracelet movement should be at the same time every day winding time, so watch the next 24 hours Enough energy to work. Normal wear case without manual winding, which to extend the life of the watch and maintain a good movement state is very helpful.Automatic winding movement of the watch, the energy from the wearer’s arm movement, so the normal wear without manual winding, only because the wearer’s exercise is not enough to give the clock to add enough energy, you can use manual winding method Make up, and the crown when the crown rotation control within 20 laps.If the mechanical table does not go because the lack of kinetic energy is not enough, that is, mechanical watch failure, and need to be sent to the professional maintenance staff that to repair. Remember not to talk about mechanical watches apart.To prevent moisture from penetrating the case and keeping the watch waterproof, make sure that the crown is in a locked condition.Mechanical watch use Note:1, in the evening 10:00 to 2:00 between the ban on the transfer time.2, after the adjustment of the watch must be pushed back to the end of the head.3, in accordance with national standards, mechanical watches (including mechanical automatic watches) travel time error should be controlled within 45 seconds.Longines watch style, superior quality, travel time accurate. So many consumers will buy Longines watches when buying watches. When we start a Longines mechanical watch. Maintenance work must be done! Longines Replica Cartier jewelry mechanical watch how to maintain the following watch the house to tell you!Longines mechanical watch how to maintain, maintenance ten secret1. Dai Longqin mechanical watch, the hands of the sweat on the case of corrosive, all steel case because it is nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance better, semi-steel case is copper, long-term contact with sweat, easy to corrosion, Should often use a soft cloth to wipe the sweat or pad on the plastic table care, to prevent it from being sweat erosion.2. Do not open the table back cover, so that dust into the movement affect the normal work of the watch.3. Do not put the watch in the closet with mothballs, so as to avoid surface oil deterioration.4. Do not put the Longines mechanical watch on the amplifier, audio, TV, so as not to magnetize.5.) long-term storage does not wear watches, should be a regular monthly winding, automatic movement of the watch should gently swing back and forth for a few minutes or worn on the wrist for some time to automatically tighten the winding. So that parts will not be long-term in a quiescent state to ensure the performance of the table machine.6. Longines mechanical watch by the tide, available dry cotton pressure on the watch, and then 40-watt light bulb baking 5 minutes, the surface of the moisture can be all evaporated. If the quartz electronic watch by the tide, take a number of small pieces of calcium chloride, wrapped with gauze; and then open the electronic watch cover, the package of calcium chloride and electronic form together into a leakless plastic bags or glass Bottle, sealed. Generally about 3 hours to remove the tide, so that the electronic watch back to normal. For severe dampness of the table may be appropriate to extend the moisture absorption time.7. Received a beloved Longines mechanical watch, remove the outside packaging, be sure to save the protective watch used in the box. The protection of the watch box, can usually wear the watch when the most secure protection, to avoid the watch was broken or collided, so the box is absolutely necessary to retain, and it is recommended in www.ourlovestore.com the weekdays do not wear a watch, Develop habits into the box, you can greatly reduce the risk of damage to the watch.8. It is best not to wear the same watch every day, should be prepared to use several different watches alternately, in addition to enrich the personal shape, but also to avoid dust, body care all concentrated in the same watch. For the leather strap, but also to be careful care, so as to avoid the daily use of the strap caused by regular wear and tear, then even if the new surface, the watch will look very old.9. Longines mechanical watch on the wrist to sleep, if the watch is luminous table, it will bring adverse effects to the body. This is because the luminous table pointer and dial on the coated luminescent material, mainly radium and zinc sulfide mixture, radium emission of radiation can stimulate the zinc sulfide crystal light, sleep, if wearing a table, the body will be eight to Nine hours of radium radiation, the human body has a certain harm. Therefore, before going to bed, it is best to remove the luminous table, put on the table.10. Longines mechanical watch table turned over. Watches have been delineated after a lot of Road, you can first drop in the table first drop of two drops of water, and then squeeze a little toothpaste rubbed, you can remove the pattern to make the table as new.