In the two appearance is not very different between the two watches, in addition to brand factors, what else directly affect the level of two watches? Movement, watch movement can be said that the soul of the watch, not a good soul, and then the brand and design of cattle fork also bring out the value of the watch should not be as long as with a good movement, immediately Watch can enhance a grade, today, the watch house for everyone to recommend three full-automatic movement of the watch, I hope you like it.

    Zenith CHRONOMASTER POWER RESERVE series 03.2080.4021 / 01.C494 watch

    Happy Series watch is Zenith when selling more fire in recent years, a series, mainly due to its stylish design imitation Cartier love bracelet and practical features, this watch with 42 mm large dial, dark brown crocodile leather strap Power reserve display is not only a beautiful design is also very practical watch.

    Jaeger LeCoultre Master MASTER ULTRA THIN watch series Q1362520 watch

    Simple line design, pleasing dial. Moon phase display makes the dial show vitality, like a beautiful scene of the wrist ballet. Through the sapphire crystal back cover, movement at a glance. This ultra-thin movement of only 4.9 mm thickness to the world confirmed that extraordinary skills and sophisticated features can be a perfect show in a small space.
    Breguet CLASSIQUE 5157 Series 5157BA / 11 / 9V6 watch

    The inspiration for the Classique collection is inspired by the design style of Abraham-Louis Breguet, an example of the perfect watchmaking technique – precise travel, clear display and elegant lines. This slim watch range, whether equipped with manual winding movement, self-winding movement or complex structure functions, is faithful to Breguet’s consistent technical philosophy, superior craftsmanship and traditional values. The watch is made of 38K diameter 18K gold design, the watch is equipped with cal.502.3 automatic winding movement.

    Summary: The watch’s appearance is very important, but I always think that the watch’s core is more important. If the watch does not match a good movement, the design of the watch no matter how cool it is useless, I think this is the pain point of the watch industry in China now.

    Women love beauty, and are tempted by gold, jewelry and designs with a sexy structure. Therefore, when a watch can effectively capture the love of women, turn it into the most fascinating look, and the perfect combination of precision and reliable movement, it is not hard to imagine how the women who have it to indulge them. Today’s watch home recommend three ladies watches for you, allowing you to more detailed appreciation of their ultimate charm.

    Breguet Napoleon’s Queen Series 8918BB / 58/864 / D00D watch

    In the history of Breguet watches, many famous women have been obsessed and delightful for Breguet watches, because it is designed for women’s sophisticated senior watch. This Neapolitan queen series watch with 18k white gold material, case size is 36.5 * 28.95 mm. Bezel and dial flange set with a total of 117 diamonds, weighing about 0.99 karats. Silver plated dial with hand engraved motifs, partially decorated with white natural Fritillaria, 6 o’clock position inlaid with a beautiful pear-shaped diamond, weighing about 0.09 kt, beautiful and gorgeous Replica Cartier jewelry. Equipped Breguet. Cal.ibre 537/1 movement, 8¾ points, 20 rubies, 44 hours power reserve. Swiss lever escapement, silks hairspring. Vibration 3.0 Hz. Diamonds and the perfect combination of natural Fritillaria, I believe no women will not be moved.

    Piaget Polo Jewelry Series G0A36233 watch

    Some people like the combination of gold and diamonds, but platinum and diamonds are even higher and solitary, a better reflection of women’s glamorous side. This Earl Polo watch, table diameter is 32 mm. 36k white diamonds encrusted in 18k white gold (approx. 0.5 carats). Radial-textured silver-plated dial, Patton in 18k white gold and Arabic numerals with hourglass, satin polish polished totem pointer, read at a glance. The handling of the watch chain is very fine, with the width of the chain pieces, narrow chain inlaid with 130 beautiful diamonds (about 1.4 kt). Equipped with Earl 690P quartz movement, accurate and stable travel time.

    Roger Dubi Velvet Passementerie RDDBVE0015 watch

    Roger Dubitz watch for the famous lady to create, Velvet Passementerie watch. Rose gold case, and in the bezel, lugs, decorative parts and rose gold adjustable folding clasp on a total weight of 1.66 karats of brilliant cut diamonds, dial central processing after drawing the outer edge of the satin Sun pattern decoration. The most special strap of this watch, for the ancient Parisian boutiques (exquisite workmanship in such extraordinary places such as the Louvre and Versailles decorative arrangement is fully reflected) elegantly in www.ourlovestore.com light brown strap exquisitely cover a Layered mesh silk pattern, and finishing with detailed woven decoration, follow the example of making beautiful stockings sidebands. Equipped with Roger Dubey’s RD821 self-winding movement, a total of 168 precision parts and 33 gem bearings, a thickness of 3.43 mm, providing 48 hours power reserve.

    Summary: Each female watch designers are good at catching, the diamond and precious metals will be the most beautiful side of the watch in the shape, only to create this section of the heart of women who move the beautiful timepiece. And that high price more let people more for its appreciation, and perhaps some things only have the beauty of afar.

  • The new Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie watch is a new experience for the Happy Sports

    Happy diamond happy movement

    Wonderful inspiration can always inspire people’s imagination more than once, perhaps because of the diamond design is too wonderful, Chopard on the basis of this classic idea, think again, in 1993 launched the Happy Sports watch series. The new Happy Sports series and Happy Diamonds series have the same dancing diamond elements, but different. Happy Sports series still retain the precious metal in the material, while bold selection of stainless steel, with diamonds and stainless steel, but also in the design of dynamic jumping lines, making the new Happy Sports watch more stylish and dynamic. In the meantime, Happy Sports watches are constantly trying out and challenging the complexity of imitation Cartier love bracelet the watch because of the lack of space limitations.

    Chopard Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie watch

    The new Happy Sport Tourbillon Joaillerie watch is a new experience for the Happy Sports collection. Chopard proudly internal L.U.C. 02.16-L-type movement, power reserve reached 216 days, 6 o’clock tourbillon and dancing diamond rejuvenated. The dial and case are inlaid with diamond snowflakes, which have high demands on the craft. Pass pure white body, coupled with good-looking blue steel pointer, from the inside out extraordinary. At the same time with the Geneva Seal and COSC precision timepiece certification.

    Collision with fine jewelry starts with the young child’s playfulness

    Caroline Schaefer designed clowns jewelry

    If not for a genius by Caroline Scheufele during her teenage days, perhaps, Happy Diamonds’ ideas are still the exclusive Chopard watch today. In 1985, the first work designed by Caroline Sheffer was born, a clown with legs moving, colored diamonds and gems in her stomach, a clown jewelry that was later known. Initially, Karl Scheufele was not sure whether her daughter’s design would be welcome, so it was just a tentative one. Unexpectedly, in that era of classical traditions, clown jewelry actually hit the scene. This humorous design won the favor of young consumer groups, with an annual output of thousands of models. It also became the mascot of the Chopard brand . And that’s where Happy Diamonds joins Chopard jewelry.

    Early Happy Diamonds collection of jewelery

    Following the success of the clown jewelry, Caroline designed a series of Happy Diamonds jewelry Replica Cartier jewelry and accessories for the gentleman’s ladies. Happy Spirit, So Happy …… A variety of styles have come out. She also joins the Happy Diamonds collection for the Happy Diamonds Collection, which features an active diamond in every perfume bottle that can be fitted with a pendant or ring. Caroline also personally serve as the perfume ambassador. After Happy Diamonds gave birth to multiple derivative series of powerful ideas: Happy Hearts, Happy Amore, So Happy …… Chopard jewelry happiness is no longer a single.

    Happy Diamonds modern romantic and poetic

    Chopin made Happy Diamonds, and Happy Diamonds inspired deeply into Chopard’s brand culture. Now whether it is Happy Diamonds watch series or its jewelry series have become the hearts of people irreplaceable. In the design is also retaining the classic mobile diamond elements on the basis of continuous innovation, not only romantic and more advanced jewelry art general beauty.
    Inspired by the image of a butterfly, the new Happy Diamonds Butterflies feature two embossed butterflies inlaid with sapphires and brown diamonds on the dial in relief, as if flowing diamonds are enchanted with the purple mother of pearl with the middle dial Echoing the color of the strap, a timepiece has the luxury and poetic qualities of fine jewelry.

    Chopard Happy Diamonds Butterflies butterfly watch

    The new Happy Diamonds ICONIC watch with a more slim shape, minimalist design interpretation of the concept of www.ourlovestore.com Chopard flag Smart Diamond. Decorative bow of the case design soft and stylish, black velvet chain to bring a woman comfort and care, but also set off the overall design of the clear and fresh. As a jewelry watch brand, always good at bringing women more surprises, beyond the watch, or beyond the jewelry.

    Chopard Happy Diamonds ICONIC watch and Happy Diamonds collection

    From the initial Happy Diamonds to the later Happy Sports, Happy Spirit, Happy 8 and many more, Chopard constantly interprets the meaning of happiness with smart diamonds and jewelry. In fact, all this, all from the first a wonderful inspiration.

  • unique movement has two sets of gear adjustment by the same adjustment device

    Tourbillon, a symbol of the function of a high complex watch, only this watch has a tourbillon function, then his price is certainly not low, but the general Tourbillon for the current technology is still so difficult, so mysterious What? As far as I know, now the general Tourbillon function is not so complicated, for the resistance of the center to improve the role of precision is also very limited, I think its main function is cool, today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three Tourbillon watch, I hope you like.

    Breguet TOURBILLON MESSIDOR 5335 Series 5335PT / 42 / 9W6 watch

    This watch is a look at the tall feeling, see the price even more feel on the high imitation Cartier love bracelet, the hollow design, plus the 6 o’clock position of the tourbillon device, coupled with Breguet’s brand, the price Certainly a lot of money, the watch also has a rose gold for the choice.

    Jaeger-LeCoultre DUOMÈTRE wings watch series Q6052520 watch

    Grand Autication The large dual-wing design concept enables this feature to improve accuracy. This unique movement has two sets of gear adjustment by the same adjustment device, and the use of different power sources of the gear set to ensure the timing of precision at the same time without the complex function of interference with the watch time function.

    Panerai 2012 series PAM00396 watch

    In addition to the disk on the display of the tourbillon, there is a more special design, is placed on the back of the watch, from the front can not see its tourbillon device, in this regard Patek Philippe has been using such a design, today recommended Of this Panerai 00369 watch is also used in this design, watch with 48 mm diameter design, ceramic case to create, watch the interior equipped for the Panerai production Panerai P.2005 / B manual On the chain of mechanical movement, stable and accurate.

    Summary: Now there is no study that Tourbillon watch than non-Tourbillon watch accurate, but most of the brand in the publicity when it will mention the Tourbillon is to resist the gravity to reduce the error, and now the watch has been worn on the wrist On, is a dynamic, for the gravity is also a dynamic, so the role of resistance to gravity is very limited. Why there are a lot of people a lot of brands on the tourbillon a soft spot, I think in addition to cool there is the pursuit of extreme technology.

    Tissot table development so far, by virtue of its innovative spirit in the field and watch the high cost of the table altar to become one of the immortal brand. And Tissot classic series is carrying a superb watch technology, is committed to the enduring mechanical watch to bring first-class precision and superior quality Replica Cartier jewelry. Today, the watch home for everyone to bring a Tissot classic LUXURY AUTOMATIC exquisite series of watches, the official model: T086.408.22.036.00.

    Swiss watch industry has always been known for precision timing, and the classic LUXURY AUTOMATIC luxury series is the embodiment of this tradition, and therefore much loved.

    Case diameter 41 mm
    Stainless steel material case diameter of 41 mm, using a white mother of pearl dial. 316L stainless steel to create a classic round case and strap, solid case and strap design, showing Tissot classic and elegant fashion sense, fully demonstrated the strength of this watch and the United States, the use of multi-level three-dimensional plate , With exquisite elegant rod-shaped pointer, so watch look elegant and restrained.

    1.14 micron gold-plated gear-shaped crown
    1.14 micron gold-plated gear-shaped crown, feel comfortable, frosted top of the crown engraved brand Tissot capital letters “T”.

    Stainless steel three rows of bracelet
    Stainless steel three-row bracelet, in the middle with a groove to join the gold coating technology, played a very good decorative effect. Bracelet use of detailed mirror polishing and hair pattern grinding, staggered complex surface treatment style, to show Tissot in the process of the ultimate pursuit of the design and the intentions.

    Bamboo style side engraved engraved
    Bezel also uses a gold coating technology, matching with the color on the chain, bezel slant neat, three-dimensional full. Stainless steel case on the side of the use of fine bamboo-style square pattern engraved, full of post-modern architectural art decoration style.

    Hair pattern grinds the ear
    Lugs are not long, and the first section of the bracelet flat, with the hair pattern grinding, and the bezel and the side case is very good to distinguish, looks very layered. Wearing more comfortable, wrist is not fine will not fit the feeling.

    Butterfly Clasp
    Stainless steel butterfly clasp, with simple and convenient, clasp engraved with “TISSOT” and “1853”.

    Multi-level three-dimensional dial
    Dial with multi-level three-dimensional face plate, white silver dial. Foreign aid black transfer www.ourlovestore.com minute scale, the hour bit with 12 inlaid diamonds inlaid display, and a gold plating gem care. 3 o’clock position with a calendar display window, the window also uses gold coating technology. The design of the three-pin, gold-plated hour, minute and second hand. In the color to maintain a unified, the whole is not chaos, read clear, at a glance.

    ETA C07.111 movement
    Sapphire crystal glass table back, foreign aid with a gold coating steel fixed, and the whole watch uniform. Equipped with Tissot exclusive “Powermatic 80 self-winding movement”, that is, ETA C07.111 movement, the movement from the Tissot table with the same Swatch Group’s Swiss professional movement factory ETA together to provide up to 80 Hour power reserve. Waterproof for 50 meters basic waterproof.
    Summary: This watch design style more elegant and elegant yet fashionable. Gold coating design for the watch to add a mature atmosphere, traditional and very suitable for work in the workplace to wear. Diamond mosaic hour scale has added the watch noble temperament. At present the official price of this watch RMB 10,700 yuan.

  • This simple watch inside equipped with automatic mechanical movement

    Classical and fashion seems to be two different styles, between the two seems not much compatibility. But when the two together, it produces a wonderful reaction. Celebrity Chrysler series watch classical and fashion coexistence, elegant retro watch with a traditional beauty of the Roman case, rounded case with leather or metal strap, and create a modern fashion aesthetics. Today’s watch home for everyone to recommend three celebrities Chrysler series watch, together to enjoy their beauty of classical fashion imitation Cartier love bracelet.

    Celebrity Chrysler Series MOA08592 watch

    Watch Comments: This simple watch inside equipped with automatic mechanical movement, watch polished silver steel case diameter 42 mm, 9.1 mm thick. Watch white dial on the mosaic of Roman numerals and time scale, three o’clock position with date display window. Watch case covered with anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror, with black crocodile leather strap. Watch table bottom for the bottom table, the water depth of 30 meters.

    Celebrity Chrysler Series MOA08791 watch

    Watch Comments: This watch through the polished round stainless steel case internal assembly automatic mechanical movement, case diameter 39 mm, thickness of 9.6 mm. Watch silver-white dial with vertical stripes decoration, the use of Roman numerals and time scale, at three o’clock date display, with blue steel leaf-shaped central pointer. Watch the use of anti-wear sapphire crystal glass table mirror, equipped with dark brown crocodile leather strap. Watch the bottom of the table can be observed for the back of the design, waterproof depth of 30 meters.

    Celebrity Chrysler Series MOA08837 watch

    Watch Comments: This whole body silver watch the main body made of stainless steel, round polished case diameter of 39 mm, the thickness of 9.6 mm, equipped with automatic mechanical movement. Decorated with vertical stripes on the silver dial on the Roman numerals and time scale, three o’clock position with a date display window, the use of blue steel leaf shaped pointer, covered with sapphire crystal glass table mirror. Watch strap for the stainless steel chain strap, link triple folding safety clasp. Watch waterproof Replica Cartier jewelry depth of 30 meters, the use of back through the bottom of the table.

    Summary: Celebrity Chrysler series watch with ultra-thin, minimalist body, is a combination of classical and fashion. Its simple rounded case clever use of exquisite Roman numerals show classic eternal traditional aesthetics, this feature is the rich connotation of the series of Chrysler. Kelaisi Mai series of unique design, but the ancient style of adhering to the traditional beauty, while shaping the classic fashion temperament at the same time low-key introverted.

    Tigers Tanya, the phrase “fearless challenge, the achievements of self” slogan is both its advertising slogan, but also Tiger TAG Heuer in the watch industry adhere to the concept and spirit. From 1911 invented “Time of trip” instrument chronograph to 1961 released the first to be accurate to 1/100 second chronograph; from 1962 to become the first travel in the Swiss watchmaker to launch the first in 1963 Models designed for professional drivers chronograph, fearless challenge of faith and break the routine creative action, have given Tiger Hyogo innovation and professionalism. Today for everyone to recommend three watches from Tiger TAG Heuer.

    Tiger TAG Heuer 300M large calendar alarm 39 mm series WAP111Z.BA0831 watch

    Watch Comments: from the competitive series of WAP111Z.BA0831 watch, the case and bracelet are made of stainless steel, silver and black dial complement each other. Table diameter of 38.4 mm, sapphire crystal glass is covered under the black striped round dial. Dial six o’clock direction is the number of date display window, nine o’clock direction is the larger alarm set display disk, twelve o’clock direction is Tiger TAG Heuer LOGO. Folding clasp also use silver-white, close back cover design can make the watch the waterproof depth of 300 meters.

    Tiger Geya professional sports series WAE1113.FT6004 watch

    Watch Comments: WEA1113.FT6004 Although the rubber as a strap material, but also from the reality, to meet the needs of the wearer in the movement. Whole body black to make the texture of the dial with light shine. Titanium black case using a square shape, the crown will be placed on the left side of the case. 37.5 mm table diameter, sapphire crystal glass, dial three o’clock direction is calendar display window. Equipped with ETA produced by the ETA255.411 quartz movement, the movement diameter of 23.3 mm, 1.95 mm thick. The same is the back cover www.ourlovestore.com designed to provide 50 meters of water depth.

    Tiger TAG Heuer Monaco Series WW2111.FC6204 watch

    Watch Comments: Tiger TAG Heuer Monaco series from. Blue chronograph dial, hand inlaid polished engraved scale, with fluorescent markings. Hollow hour and minute hand with a white fluorescent mark, three o’clock direction is the date display window, six o’clock direction is the second disk, the red second hand in the overall blue background is very eye-catching. Swiss-made TAG Heuer CALIBRE6 movement diameter of 26 mm, 28.800 times per hour vibration, providing 38 to 44 hours of power storage. Dark blue crocodile leather strap and stainless steel folding clasp to make the watch in the color with more coordination.

    Summary: As a watch manufacturer, Tiger TAG Heuer constantly challenge themselves, challenge the limit, with fearless attitude towards the watch’s high-end and precision impact. In the field of chronographs a series of achievements and achievements also confirmed the strength of Tiger TAG Heuer and tabulation concept.

  • Goblin table worthy of permanent collection of female watch series Cat’s Eye

    Gibbon as one of the world’s top ten watches, its history can be traced back to 1791, more than two centuries, its independent design, creation, development and production of watches and external parts of the watch “heart” – movement , Through this comprehensive and comprehensive mode of operation brand has nearly 80 patents, more than 100 models of the perfect top movement and world-renowned mechanical watch series. Today to bring you a Gemei watch in the Basel Watch 2015, launched in the new CAT’S EYE series of watches, the official model of the watch: 80484D52A763-BK6B.
    Radiation pattern light and light goods Jiabi Cat’s Eye three small needle watch

    Goblin table worthy of permanent collection of female watch imitation Cartier love bracelet series Cat’s Eye, in 2015 with a new elegant face plate charm debut, perfect oval case, with the advanced watch factory from the mechanical movement rhythm, can be described by the inside Outside the gorgeous.
    Bezel set with 62 bright cut diamonds

    Today for everyone to bring this Gemei CAT’S EYE watch with 35.40 x 30.40 mm table diameter design, 18K rose gold diamond case to create, bezel set with 62 bright cut diamonds (total about 0.85 Carat) luxury and beautiful.

    Unique oval appearance

    Girard Perregaux vest, by Cat’s Eye unique oval appearance, the advent of ten years, is always the watchmakers in the eyes of the most beautiful pointer works. This series is the perfect embodiment of the essence of the traditional watchmaking, clever fusion of excellent external design and professional mechanical structure, just as a woman in general, Cat’s Eye constantly reshape the self, to the original charm of the characteristics of the base for the small Facelift, but never lost its existing personality.

    With a black crocodile leather strap design

    CAT’S EYE series watch with a black crocodile leather strap design, wearing soft and comfortable Replica Cartier jewelry, clasp used for a simple buckle design, wearing a simple and safe, the same deduction for the 18K rose gold material to create, and In the clasp engraved with a classic Chi Bo LOGO.

    This Goblin Cat’s Eye small three-pin watch used for pearl mother face design

    This Zhibibo Cat’s Eye small three-pin watch used for the pearl mother face design, since the second hand emit the sun radiation-like lines, so that the visual feel more and more rich, the date is cleverly echoed its oval design, can be described as complement each other; Showing the hour when the standard exudes a splendid glory, while strengthening the mother of pearl face plate on the radiation pattern light and shadow, slightly curved willow-shaped pointer, such as the rhythm of the poem slowly running.

    Watch with pearl mother face design

    Watch with pearl mother face design, the watch at 3 o’clock position with an oval date display window, the watch at 9 o’clock position, with a classic small seconds, and 3 o’clock position Calendar display window echoes, the watch time standard for the use of nine natural diamonds instructions, with 18K rose gold to build the www.ourlovestore.com willow-shaped pointer to ensure that when the reading clear.

    GP03300 self-winding movement

    The watch used in the bottom of the design, you can see from the back of the internal movement of the precise operation, through the sapphire crystal glass bottom cover, showing excellent GP03300 self-winding movement, including research and development, grinding, assembly are from the GP Girard Perregaux watchmaking. This classic movement is made of 205 pieces of intertwined, 25.60 mm in diameter, only 3.02 mm in thickness, 18K rose gold automatic plate decorated with GP classic logo, the main chassis and bridge are chamfered, there are charming round With Geneva ripple polished finish.

    Summary: The new Cat’s Eye small three-pin watch, can be used with exquisite black crocodile leather strap, or 18K rose gold chain, for the watch more beautiful touch of beauty, while reflecting the modern feminine elegance characteristics.

  • first classic Sweet Alhambra series decorated with diamonds and the Cadenas series

    Almost every Christmas Eve, each jewelry brand will come up with a full Christmas gift list, the layout of the most beautiful Christmas window, and even for Christmas special launch of the new design works. Whether it is bright gem, wonderful inspiration, or heart of the design, always become the most beautiful decoration of the festival, to create the most festive holiday atmosphere … …
    This Christmas, Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels launched its own annual masterpiece – Diamond Breeze series of fine jewelry and watch. Diamond Breeze series to the sky of snow as the inspiration to white diamonds for the winter series of the only protagonist, showing the most pure in the winter bright and luxurious. From the classic Snowflake series of the 1940s, the À Cheval series, which was named after the “double-sided” mosaic process, and the first classic Sweet Alhambra series decorated with diamonds imitation Cartier love bracelet and the Cadenas series of fine jewelery with modern and avant-garde spirit Watch, that is the case, whether it is a grand senior jewelry and watches, or daily wear of the four clover grass, all decorated with diamonds. Diamonds, intertwined this winter Van Cleef & Arpels most funny music.

    Luxury high beads Snowflake series

    Snowflakes, snowflake series is the source of inspiration, the new Snowflake series of jewelry really like snow crystal pure crystal, but more bright. In the design, combined with hollow and symmetrical geometry of the elements, simple and bold, smooth lines. Diamond to the achievements of the attitude of snow, it is winter in the refreshing scenery.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake bracelet, platinum, white gold, round drill

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Bandeau Rings, Platinum, Round Drill

    Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Necklace, Platinum, White Gold, Round Diamond

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake trumpet pendant necklace, platinum, round drill

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Large Earrings, Platinum, White K Gold, Round Drill

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels Snowflake Double Flower Rings, Platinum, Round Diamond
    Pure and classic Sweet Alhambra series

    Colorful Sweet Alhambra Clover has been embellished today with diamonds. Whether it is fresh and simple single Clover necklace or bracelet, or swaying streamer multi-leaf clover long necklace, do not have some pure natural.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Sweet Alhambra Collection
    Frontier Cadencas series

    Van Cleef & Arpels this winter diamond ceremony, did not forget to prepare for the friends of the avant-garde Replica Cartier jewelry, of course, the same diamond achievement. Inspired by the 1935 classic Cadenas watch style of the new Cadenas series of watches, now the most watched. Elegant reading of the slant dial, double-ring cylindrical hinge design bracelet to become the difference between this series. And this time for the special launch of the Cadenas watch, all decorated with diamonds, exquisite snow inlaid, exquisite princess square diamond mosaic, as the winter Cadenas watch the most beautiful partner.

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels

    White gold, diamonds, mother of pearl, alligator strap, equipped with quartz movement

    Van Cleef & Arpels Vankea Cadmac

    White gold, diamonds, equipped with quartz movement

    Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels

    White gold, diamonds, alligator crocodile leather strap, equipped with quartz movement

    If your mind is only willing to use diamonds enough to express, then Van Cleef & Arpels of this dream full of festive gift orders have to impress you?
    With more than 160 years of history of the famous Swiss watch brand, “Made in Switzerland” is the heart of Tissot has not eroded the mark. Select special materials, equipped with advanced features, the use of exquisite design, the precise performance and stylish appearance clever fusion. And Tissot CERA series watches beautiful and beautiful watch, revealing the beauty of elegance. Today, watch home for everyone to bring Tissot CERA series of a watch, the official model: T908.309.96.057.00.

    Graceful of the United States and genuine gift Tissot CERA series of square case ladies watch

    Tissot T908.309.96.057.00
    This watch is a typical ladies watch, watch the overall slim and beautiful, luxurious and elegant. Watch the use of elegant and British square case, rose gold on the case of the use of black bezel case, black dial. Watch with black leather strap, strap slim, very suitable for women to wear. This watch water depth of 30 meters.

    Watch with a round crown, crown side of the teeth modified, easy to grasp the adjustment time; and in the top of the crown inlaid with a black gem, beautiful and distinguished.

    Watch strap for the black leather surface of the leather strap, cutting reasonable, bright color; strap edge to the black suture stitching, the middle of the hole, can be adjusted according to need.

    Watch case diameter of 26 mm, 5.7 mm thick, rose gold material to watch the more luxurious; case after polished polished, round and smooth case, the distribution of noble metal light.

    This watch uses a square case design, with black and rose gold with elegant fashion. Watch black www.ourlovestore.com dial students use the traditional three-pin instructions time to the rose gold and Arabic numerals as a time scale, dial design simple, clear and simple when reading. Watch with a closed bottom.

    Watch ear is not long, and the use of the case and the corresponding square design, the ear after polished polished, round and smooth; lug and case one cast, the two show a small angle, you can ensure that the wrist Table and wrist more fit.

    Black strap with a folding clasp link, the buckle has a press to open the device, opening and closing simple, easy to wear but not easy to fall off.

    Summary: This watch with black and rose gold with elegant fashion, revealing the elegant state of grace. Watch slim beautiful, worn in the female wrist and then fit. This watch is only a simple display of the time function, simple design, easy to read, very suitable for everyday simple and exquisite life.

  • Pina fly snow walking light, and a winter come Independent Swiss mechanical watch brand

    Zeppelin (Zeppelin) as Germany’s top watch brand in the watch, watch the action in the watch watch the attention of the table. With the launch of the Air Princess series and the Victorian women’s watch, Zeppelin once again played the most elegant elements of the airship art. Recently, Qi Bolin for the ladies presented a group of unique female table – the moon series.

    Qi Bo Lin Luna series of new watch 7369M-3, with eccentric moon phase imitation Cartier love bracelet and calendar small dial, highlight the perfect design of minimalism. And the moon phase function in the dial on the careful layout, located in the dial five-point position, especially eye-catching. Blue shell pattern dial like a canopy, five o’clock at the moon phase as if hanging in the air a silver moon, nine Swarovski crystal scale inlaid them, like the embellishment of the flashing stars, very poetic and romantic.

    Model 7631-1 watch diameter 35 mm, case thickness 9 mm, silver dial set off silver case, decorated with shell lines, with a white leather strap, between the expected use of materials and tones to achieve a perfect balance. Seven o’clock small seconds and two o’clock large window, in the foliage of the background, the overall dial layout just right, rational and modern coexistence, elegance and romance, elegant and extraordinary.

    Recently, Zeppelin (Zeppelin) China distributor Boribo De Group officially announced that Zeppelin (Zeppelin) month of God series of new products will be officially opened. Because of its appearance of the new upgrade and multi-style design, so that the watch for more wearing scenes, will allow high standards of consumers have more choices.

    Zeppelin (Zeppelin) airship represents the courage to challenge the spirit of Germany, but also represents the German manufacturing process of high standards. Zeppelin (Zeppelin) watch completely followed this historical heritage. Dare to break through, insist on quality is Zeppelin (Zeppelin) watch the long-lasting intrinsic core values. Today, Zeppelin (Zeppelin) watch is the current German local sales champion championship, about 150,000 a year. At the same time in the world 53 countries and regions and a large number of international routes for sale, such as Lufthansa, Air France, Austrian Airlines, South African Airways, British Airways, and Air China, in Europe and Japan have impressive sales.
    In this season filled with pine fragrance, Pina fly snow walking light, and a winter come. Independent Swiss mechanical watch brand Oris (Oris) portrait of the artist Zhen election versatile Oris Oris artists and moon phase calendar watch diamond watch men and women on the table, warmth Replica Cartier jewelry Christmas gift, when this year-end end of the year with a heart-warming occasion of Art Watch the winter festive atmosphere.

    Halloween artist multi-functional moon phase watch

    Product Code: 781 7703 4031, table diameter: 40.5mm
    ORIS 781 self-winding mechanical movement, moon phase profit and loss display, the central hour and minute display, small dials indicate the calendar, week and 24 hours second time zone
    • Stainless steel case, 30 meters waterproof
    • Sapphire mirror, inner anti-reflective coating
    • Silver twist-style decorative dial, pointer coated with Super-LumiNova luminous material
    • Blue leather strap with stainless steel folding buckle, or strip
    • Suggested retail price: steel band RMB17,400, belt section RMB 15,800
    Watch Comments: This versatile artists Oris moon phase watch classic Oris past used different colors such as white gold, pointer and scale are used sky blue and shades on the moon phase disc echoes. In addition to the moon phase display, the new moon phase watch is also versatile artists with a calendar, week and 24-hour second time zone subdial features suit the needs of business travelers time to control the height of the wearer. In addition to stainless steel models, this watch there are blue leather strap models, even more relaxed and elegant gentry temperament.
    Holey Artist Calendar Diamond Watch

    Product Code: 561 7687 4951, table diameter: 31mm
    • ORIS 561 self-winding mechanical movement, hour and minute display, 6-point calendar display
    • Stainless steel case, 50 meters waterproof, bezel set with 72 diamonds
    • Sapphire mirror, inner anti-reflective coating
    • Silver twist decorative dial, scale inlaid with 12 diamonds, pointer coated with SuperLumiNova luminous material
    • Black leather strap, or strip
    • Suggested retail price: steel band RMB 26,400, belt section 25,000
    Watch Comments: Oris diamond watch when artists go both accurate and unique appearance, it is presented to the art treasures Oris watch female wearer, designed for contemporary women cherish the success of traditional Swiss watchmaking value for us. Small and unique silver dial reflects the bright diamond www.ourlovestore.com light, tell the contemporary women’s intellectual elegance of the United States. This watch is not only suitable for wearing in business occasions, but also for leisure time to enjoy, is the female jewelry box an indispensable friend. Dial decorated with silver twisted pattern, 6 o’clock position of the calendar window display, the scale of a total of 12 diamonds inlaid, the details of the designer were carefully. In addition to the classic stainless steel watch, Oris artist calendar diamond watch also has black leather models, more suited to the rate of self-personality of women. This year, for the Christmas season when Howley carefully selected two works are low-key atmosphere of classic works, once again demonstrated the Oris “Real Watches for Real People” brand philosophy.
    Summary: These two watch beautifully crafted, excellent performance and reliable, generous table elegant, worn in the wrist must have a very out of color. Two watch white dial with blue strap, full of mysterious dream of the feeling, very magnificent.

  • Swatch Group has developed into a strong industrial holding company in the tabulation parts and components

    Today’s Swatch Group
    Swatch Group is the world’s leading manufacturer of finished watch, the Group has nine watch brands and multi-brand Tourbillon retail stores. Brand in addition to open up different levels of watch retail market, but also fully into the jewelry, movement and parts manufacturing and sales. Swatch Group not only for the watchmakers to provide all the parts needed to produce finished watches, and for the Swiss and the world’s third-party watchmakers supply movement and parts. In addition, the Group also specializes in the development of Cartier love bracelet replica nanometer machinery and nanoelectronics technology related to tabulation and other industries.
    Swatch Group name from the “Swatch” amazing success of the legend. In 1983, the first “Swatch” plastic watch available, the creative use of new materials and new design, impeccable quality, affordable, thereby reviving the Swiss watch industry, the watch re-defined as An interpretation of real life.
    Since its inception, Swatch Group has developed into a strong industrial holding company, in the tabulation parts and components in all areas have a solid foundation and production technology, as the basis, the group can expand the product line, provide all kinds of watches, from Simple quartz watch to the complex function of mechanical movement, and has been outstanding quality and artistic beauty combined as a guiding principle. From the first watch for children to collectors unique watch, from the emerging brand to have hundreds of years of history of the brand, from the classic elegant watches to the sports fashion watches, Swatch Group to provide the perfect quality Of the watch and meet everyone’s needs Cartier love ring replica and be proud of.
    Distinguished luxury brands: Breguet, Harry Winston, Blancpain, Glashütte Original, Jaquet Droz, Léon Hatot, and Omega; High-end brands: Longines, Rado and Union Glashütte; mid-brands: Tissot, Calvin Klein watches and clocks, Calmain, Certina ), Mido and Hamilton; the base brands: Swatch and Flik Flak.
    Now under the leadership of Group Chairman Nayla Hayek and CEO Nick Hayek, the Swatch Group is still investing heavily in research and development, steadily expanding its leadership in materials, process technology and product design and production. Swatch Group attaches particular importance to participation in microelectronics technology and microelectronics machinery R & D activities, especially in the field of communications research and development activities. The company has a long history, reputation, and pride in sports timing and measurement technology. Among the many international sporting events, many of the brands of the Swatch Group have become official timers, and have signed contracts for future cooperation, including the Cartier nail bracelet replica Olympic Games. In pursuit of more accurate timing measurements, the Swatch Group is continuing its commitment to innovative technology that allows athletes around the world to share the joy of technological improvements with sports fans.
    Swatch Group has realized that its own watch brand has a wealth of traditional heritage, the protection of watchmaking expertise and the importance of high-end watch application art decoration, it has been an important sponsor of the art industry, around the world for art Repair project investment funds. The Group has also set up a number of international watchmaking schools to set up an Applied Arts Center in Switzerland to ensure that the centuries of technology and expertise are not lost and continue to inherit the next generation.

  • Alexandre christie is the Swiss watch brand founded by the European modern boutique

    ELLE brand from the French fashion magazine ELLE PARIS. French is “she” means. The early 80s of last century, that is, the famous French elle fashion magazine was born 40 years later, the birth of the ELLE named clothing brand. As the magazine’s best-selling and extended to men and women clothing, children’s clothing, shoes, watches and decorative display of the birth and development. Today, ELLE has become a well-known fashion and watch brand.
    ELLE watch profile
    ELLE watch with durable, strong, accurate features, both technical and aesthetic. Unique seasonal trends, high-quality design, the high-end price, a variety of product selection, unlimited development space to meet the perfect demand for fashionable women.
    Leading popular elements, after half a century of effort, ELLE has become a famous imitation Cartier love bracelet fashion brand. ELLE is a women’s magazine focused on fashion, beauty and lifestyle, founded in 1945 in France, and in 1988, China, ELLE magazine published in 36 countries, with more than 20 million loyal readers. Through the accurate analysis of fashion trends, spread, choice, ELLE not only has the world’s fashion readers, but also in the product image to form a unique style.
    ELLE watch profile
    ELLE watches represent the modern, positive, cordial, trendy and full of life. In order to chase the trend of the trend, bring ELLE watch let us run with the time bar.
    Armani Armani is a world famous luxury brand, in 1975 by the fashion designer Giorgio Armani was founded in Milan, Italy. Armani’s business has spread over 100 countries. In addition to the high fashion Giorgio Armani, but also has a number of cards, such as clothing brand Emporio, women’s brand Mani, casual wear and jeans brand Armani Jeans and so on. ARMANI watches are also one of these cards.
    Armani watch
    ARMANI watch to the people who love the trend of “free fashion.” The pursuit of the appearance of personality and fashion leisure background. So that Armani watches not only in the fashion table shine, at the time of attending the occasion also lost the slightest sense of luxury.
    But Armani is a top clothing brand. In the watch market, his watch is not as good as the traditional watch brand. But it is not very bad, many are made in Switzerland. Its main or fashion table, if you really like Armani, or worth buying a collection of.
    Armani watch
    Armani watch the official website of the price is not high, the official website in China offer is only about 2000 to 5000 or so. Inherited the fashion table has always been cost-effective, strong and so on. Armani watches for the constant pursuit of fashionable young people, but also for 30 standing 70,80 after Oh!
    Alexandre christie is the Swiss watch brand, founded by the European modern boutique design master Alexandre Christie. Referred to as: AC, Chinese name: Alex Kerry.
    With the increasing number of leisure activities, people also choose to have this style of watch, then the Swiss brand Alexandre Christie came into being, and it also brought us a “high quality parity” choice, tell you: for a Only the watch should enjoy the brand, the quality of the ideas conveyed, and these do not need to spend a high price to get Replica Cartier jewelry, AC values also quickly changed the concept of many people’s consumption, no longer “good” and “expensive “Equate.
    At present in the country, AC has become the leading brand of many young people. And AC is willing to share their own ideas with the local watch enthusiasts: brand, Economy, Elegance, Fashion, all of which can be displayed from the AC watch.
    Alexandre christie Asian style design style highlights the urban men and women’s personal style, in the numerous social highlights of the personality of the self, as AC advocated “can be worn on any occasion watch, at any time to show the real style, AC table Be as good as you!
    Bernie Bernie is a domestic watch company. Established in 1997 and Shenzhen City, Shenzhen is one of the top ten watches. Bernie Industrial Co., Ltd. is a set of product development, manufacturing, sales as one of the professional timepieces product manufacturers, the company set up production plants and research institutions, has ISO9001: 2000 quality management system. Has a complete timepieces of product manufacturing system, specializing in the production of various types of timing products, including all kinds of quartz watches, mechanical watches, watch movement, radio clocks, professional sports chronograph, digital intelligent products, sports glasses. In all parts of the country have agents and distributors, has been the most creative watch brand in Shenzhen.
    Bernie Bernie watches

    Berny Bernie adhere to the domestic market, both the international market, the brand after 10 years of development, the Shenzhen watch industry in the fastest growing, one of the most promising backbone enterprises. “Bernie” brand in the country has a high visibility. In 2004 was named www.ourlovestore.com “the most influential brand in Shenzhen” in 2005 was named “Shenzhen 10 major fashion watch brand” in 2006 was named “the best performance leap”; 2007 was named “The most popular watch brand of the year”; in 2007, Bernie was “China’s watch industry enterprises overseas market development award”!
    Bernie Bernie watches

    In the development of domestic brands at the same time, Berny Bernie is also actively to OEM / ODM way to develop the international market. So far, the sales network has been around the world more than 30 countries and regions, and many foreign brands and watch manufacturers and vendors to establish a good partnership, product export rate of more than 60 percent, based on the success of Europe and the United States and other markets.

  • The spirit of innovation and excellence is always JUNGHANS all employees thinking and action guidelines

    Muehout-Glashuette is a German independent watch brand with more than 150 years of history. In 1869 the brand founder began to provide precision measurement equipment for the Glashütte watchmaking industry, and then expanded to provide the automotive industry with precision measuring instruments. In the long history of the development of the brand, with the German official cooperation never cut off.
    Glashütimo Muehle-Glashuette brand introduction
    As one of the world’s leading full range of watch 100% assembly of self-made movement of one of the senior mechanical watch brand, Glashütte (Glashütte Original) from the blood has a 165-year history of the German watchmaking industry Glashütte. After years of ups and downs, Glashütte (Glashütte Original) continuation of Germany’s long tradition of watchmaking, continue to write the legendary German watchmaking.
    Pure German original manufacturing, heritage watch the town of Glashütte traditional features. Movement to woodpecker neck fine-tuning technology patented equipment, and with the traditional characteristics of Glashütte – Moller 3/4 splint and Moller automatic Tuo movement imitation Cartier love bracelet improved, so that the movement has always maintained a high accuracy. Watch style for the rigorous, simple, practical, extreme, refused to fancy German mechanical aesthetics.
    It is understood that the brand is early to do the timer, had Maybach car supply timer, modern performance is also impressive, the German Navy custom table is from its. Pilots originated in Germany, Moller is also inherited a number of descent, if it is a soft spot for flying men, such as models M1-37-34-LB, M1-37-47-LB watches are a good choice The
    At present, Germany has about more than 20 watch factories can be marked on the dial GLASHUTTE I / SA words, this is actually GLASHUTTE IN SACHSEN logo, the Chinese translation is Saxon’s Glashütte, it is actually an industry association, or Local watch factory alliance, one of their functions is that Glashütte as a local cultural protection identifier to use the right to define, in order to maintain the local watchmaking tradition.
    Narrowly Glashütie Muller watch dial, you will find GLASHUTTE I / SA words, which also shows the brand has a pure German descent, excellent quality trustworthy.
    Rong Hanbao JUNGHANS watches and clocks brand was born in 1861 (formerly known as Rong Hans), by the Erhard JUNGHANS brothers in the southern German province of Schlannberg town founded. Today, 150 years of history, the history of the United States and Germany sold the first German, with Germany’s largest watch factory, is the 1972 Munich Olympic Games designated time table. At the same time Rong Han Bao is also a world leader in high-tech watches and clocks, watches and clocks to produce more than 3,000 patents.
    German watch JUNGHANS Rong Han Bao star brand introduction
    JUNGHANS watch factory was born in 1861 in Schlumberger, after the rapid growth of the German watch industry, a successful example. Although the demand for watches and clocks in the ever-changing, but JUNGHANS business philosophy has not changed.
    The spirit of innovation and excellence is always JUNGHANS all employees thinking and action guidelines. Schramberg’s Steim business owners family vitality will make the company a new glory.
    From the JUNGHANS name engraved on each of the watches can be seen and feel the origin of Replica Cartier jewelry Schlumberger business philosophy.
    No matter how rich the JUNGHANS series of products, it is always the pursuit of the classic watchmaking technology and innovative watch technology and a unique combination of innovative design concepts. This makes the watch with a star exceptionally different, we can proudly say that JUNGHANS is an example of the German watch!
    Heinrich Moser was born in 1805 in a watchmaking family in the town of Schaffhausen, Switzerland. In 1827 he moved to St. Petersburg, where he began his watchmaking career. Was almost unpredictable, he will soon become a leader in the watch industry. As with today, the name of H. Moser & Cie. Is synonymous with high quality and craftsmanship.
    Heinrich Moser watch brand profile
    As an ambitious, visionary watchmaker, Heinrich Moser decided to create a company in a distant Russia. At that time the tsar Russia was considered a huge market and a perfect watch trading base. In order to meet this challenge, Heinrich Moser used his spare time to create a variety of watches and tools to help push their own business. When he left Switzerland in November 1827, he only had cash equivalent to about 2,000 Swiss francs today. In such a simple start conditions, a pioneering spirit of innovation and talent of the production process in H. Moser & Cie. Deeply rooted.
    Heinrich Moser’s unremitting demands on quality are finally successful. In just a few years, he opened new stores in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Nizhny Novgorod and Kiev, and in the Russian Empire and the Silk Road in Central Asia, Persia and China Along the line has a large number of independent retailers, worn watch craftsmanship superb, excellent quality excellence. His supplier also includes the royal family and the Russian army. From this period of historic watch with a beautiful sculpture, the brand is a strong proof of the historical heritage. 15 years after the company was founded, Heinrich Moser became the undisputed market leader in the Russian watch industry. At the end of 1848, he served as a wealthy watchmaker and entrepreneur to his hometown of Schaffhausen.
    Heinrich Moser returned to Switzerland in addition to continue to engage in the watch industry, he seems to never dry up www.ourlovestore.com the pioneering and innovative energy and let him start in other areas of exploration. With this pioneering spirit, he began to invest in water companies, trucks, regional railways, of course, the Swiss watch industry, his initiative will always be the lack of vitality of the town of Schaffhausen into a vibrant industrial land The Today filed with Heinrich Moser, people may think of him in the vicinity of Schaffhausen for the family built Charlottenfels manor. Now this manor as the “Mu Shi family museum” to the public open.
    Today, bearing the “H. Moser & Cie.” In the name of the watch sales network around the world, its vendors are carefully selected and authorized by the official.